discover ucluelet

Photos by Graeme Owsianski


By doing this rebrand, Ucluelet hopes to attract more people and inform them about the great town and the amazing experiences they can have. However with this re-brand it is also important to create a brand that all the locals will be proud to represent. With such deep historic roots, we ultimately hope to create a brand that is true to the town and it’s tight-knit community. Lastly, we want to create a clear and recognizable image to effectively convey the experience and message of Ucluelet.


Ucluelet is a small quaint town located on Vancouver Island. It’s beautifully nestled between the ocean and thick forests and is a truly magical place. With a place so intrinsically alluring, it needed a brand that represented it’s wildly quirky nature. Ucluelet is the home and place of inspiration for many artists, business owners, photographers, fishermen, sailors and many more. It has also recently shifted from a trades-based economy to a tourism-based economy which is why it needed a welcoming and inspirational brand that conveyed the greatest aspects of Ucluelet.



In it’s essence, the Ucluelet brand is natural, grounded, magical, honest, organic and historic. The most important part of the brand is highlighting the experience. We chose to use the word “discover” as opposed to “tourism” to differentiate ourselves, but discover also lends a much more exciting experience because everyone who comes to Ucluelet is likely to discover something different. Both in themselves, their surroundings and about Ucluelet itself.