"We started a small business last year and started a Blog. The initial design was done with the help of my daughter Julie who has been blogging for a few years now. We decided that it was time to have our look updated to portray a more profession image. Julie had found Lauren on the Internet and had her blog redesigned. We were very impressed with the results and the reasonable cost.  Lauren redesigned our Blog and recently made a few updates and designed a logo for us. She is very creative, patient and pleasant to work with – we highly recommend the services of “The Perfect Pear”.

Lucy Ross from Baker Brothers

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"I absolutely loved working with Lauren! I had seen her design work around and just feel in love with her style and knew I wanted to get in touch with her. From the moment I sent her a email she contacted me letting me know what to expect. She then sent me a questionnaire to fill out that was just as easy as it was fun. I felt that Lauren took all the info I gave her and created a miracle! I can be kinda scatterbrained while describing the things that I want, but she understood completely and created the most beautiful blog that I just adore. When I actually saw it for the first time I got all giddy and may have let out a little shriek. Thank you Lauren for sharing your talents and for being such a joy to work with".

~Julie from Whipple Scrumptious

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"I am not by any means a techy person or an Internet savvy person, but I did want a design for my personal blog, which would be able to reflect my personal style. I went on a long search, spent a ridiculous amount of time on the Internet trying to find a blog design I could be proud of, and then another indeterminable amount of time having a heart attack at the prices of anything remotely decent. 

However, just when I was about to give up on having a blog I could be happy with I found The Perfect Pear Designs! From the very beginning Lauren was attentive, friendly, and I never once felt like I wasn’t able to contact her with an idea for the blog’s creation. Lauren is a professional at what she does, but she never makes you feel like she isn’t personally invested in your project. Lauren was patient and helped me narrow down, figure out, and finally create the look I wanted for my blog even when I didn’t know how to explain it. 

If you are looking for a talented, caring, and hard working designer to help create your newest social media blog or design then Lauren at The Perfect Pear is your girl. 

Thanks, Lauren!"

~Crystal from Seoul Sold

“Lauren is a great collaborator. She documented a behind-the-scenes collection of photographs at our show in Victoria and captured many great moments through the night. She is professional and courteous, and open to all creative ideas.” – Max Kerman, member of Juno Award Winning band Arkells.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Lauren in the Summer of 2014 for a lookbook shoot for my clothing brand. She is an incredibly talented photographer and has a great eye for detail. The lookbook photos turned out amazing and were better than I could have imagined. She is personable, professional and easy to work with. In addition, many photographers take quite a long to get the final photos to you but Lauren was lightning fast. My brand has grown a lot in the last year and I have no doubt the photos she took played a huge role in that growth. I’m looking forward to working on many more projects with her in the future.” – Tamara Robinson, Owner of Mint & Chopsticks Clothing

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“I feel privileged to have worked with Lauren. The combination of her creativity with great design aesthetic and skill sets her work apart and at a higher level. I am continuously impressed with her products. Her ingenuity and dedication to honing her craft is inspiring. I admire Lauren’s undeniable creative talent, proficient knowledge of design and strong communication skills. Even after receiving praise and success Lauren continues to be one of the most humble, kindhearted creatives I’ve ever worked with, which makes collaborating with her a pleasure.” – Dan Swedberg,  Makeup Artist


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"I have always been a fan of Lauren’s designs on her own blog. When I decided to finally pay to get my blog designed, there were no other options for me. I immediately went to Lauren’s design site, emailed her, and ordered. I didn’t know what I wanted for my blog at all, and even when she began reaching out to me and asking me questions, I still had no idea. I basically told her, “I love your designs! I want something very similar to yours.” I thought she’d say no for some reason, but she was totally up for it. The questions were a breeze to answer, and Lauren just GOT what I wanted without me even knowing what I wanted…that’s just how good she is. When I first saw my design the night she finished it, I freaked out; freaked out in a good way. I wanted to wake up my boyfriend and scream, “Look at what Lauren made me for my blog!” however I decided to let him sleep. I was just that excited at how adorable, crafty, and clever it was. Working with Lauren was great. She was as sweet as can be and was willing to make even the tiniest change I requested, although there weren’t many changes to request. The blog was pure perfection, and so was Lauren. I would recommend anyone to use her for their blog design. You WILL be happy with the results. For me, there was no saying “no thanks, I’d like to choose to work with someone else.”

~Brani Laine from That’s Just Lovely…


*note: The Perfect Pear was my company name before switching*