wild kooks - surf to live


This project was really quite exciting for me because it brought together two things I love; the ocean and rad apparel. The client came to me looking to start a new high-quality and unique surf-gear and apparel company based out of Vancouver Island. The client himself was an avid surfer and a lover of the ocean and he wanted to take his passion of surfing and share it with other like-minded individuals.

After going over the business plan I did some research and I discover that humans have an instinctual connection to water. It's estimated that around 80% of the worlds population lives within sixty miles of an ocean, lake or river. There's clearly a bond that we have to water because we naturally depend on it for so many things. However, when looking at this further, we came to the realization that there is really no other group so intimately connected to the ocean than surfers.


When we look at today's surfing industry it's very competitive, focused on technology and it's become all about catching the absolute biggest wave possible. It's become about gaining exposure, sponsorships and winning competitions and it seems that it's lost its emotions connection to the sport and lifestyle. However if we look at the golden days of surfing, which was around the 1970's, surfing was really a way of life. There was so much community built around it and you shared this unspoken bond with surfers from around the world. After that, I realized that there is a huge disconnect in today's surfing industry so I saw that as an opportunity to make surfing more of a community and to build on the experiences and bonds surfers create with one another instead of against each other.


So all that lead to Wild Kooks. The quirky whole-hearted, experiential boardwear company that surfs to experience, and ultimately surfs to live. In it's essence Wild Kooks is an unconventional unique brand and in their brand personality they are approachable, empowering, aware, quirky and light-hearted. Wild Kooks takes a strong inspiration from the vintage surfing era, and it believes that surfing can be uncomplicated and carefree.